God's Cat - on my mom's lap

Cat will not eat on his own; not force fed, but led along. He requires 24/7 care. MRI, absolutely, out of the question. To put such a fragile thing through anesthetization could possibly be fatal. I don't ask that he recover, only for peace for him and my family and the few friends I do have who love us.

Cyclic: he appears to not be interested in life. Just when it seems he wants out of the game he lets out a painful sounding series of yowls; he responds to being cradled and rocked, which stimulates his senses, which causes mobility, and later lethargic contentment and sleep. He is telling me he is not done here on earth. painful circle. I honestly don't want to write about this anymore; I truly can't cope in any other way.

We walked after work, he on his harness. He attempted to chase a great white heron as it stalked a fish.

Tonight, he walked up the stairs, crisscrossing each one to reach the next, and into my room, then bellowed for me to come. He needed to sleep but didn't want to be alone. Dignity. This is a life that is not fighting for life itself, but for the right to remain on this earth one more day.


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